Graton Against Synthetic Pesticides

Picture taken off Joe Rodata Trail in Graton, CA summer of 2019. 


Graton is a special town where neighbors know each other, we stop and talk on the trail, gather seasonally for potlucks, hold Halloween festivals for children, celebrate the season by caroling and host talent shows. 

GASP is a coalition of concerned Graton residents working together to eliminate the threat of pesticide exposure to our families, laborers and children who attend Oak Grove Elementary.

This is not just a Graton problem, in Sonoma County 2,562,959 lbs of pesticides were used in 2017, (with around 35 tons of glyphosate annually).


We believe this is bad for our health, the environment and our local economy.


GASP is an effort to create a healthier environment and thriving economy in Graton, CA.


We strongly believe there is a better, more regenerative way to farm in Sonoma County.  





Pesticide drift refers to the unintentional diffusion of pesticides, including off-target contamination due to spray drift as well as runoff from plants or soil, movement of spray droplets or pesticide vapors out of the sprayed area.

Pesticides include Insecticides (bug killers), herbicides (weed killers), fumigants (soil sterilizers),  fungicides (fungus killers), rodenticides and antimicrobials.


Our Mission: eliminate synthetic pesticide spray and aquifer polluting chemicals within 1 mile of 95444 in 2020.




Local Economy

Our Concern: Synthetic Pesticides

Build the Soil

No till and compost tea instead of irrigation, synthetic fertilizers + herbicides.


Bonterra Case Study

Support BioDiversity

Predator + Prey Pest Management. 

Farmers Foot Print

Rotational Animal Grazing

Mouths instead of Mowers.

Live Map of Global Regenerative Projects

Solution: Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that takes a whole systems approach to increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds, enhance ecosystem services and respects all community stakeholders and without the dependence on fossil fuels or pesticides. 



One of our amazing community members created this map with 2019 PUR data:

  • Click on the pesticide and hover over any dot to view how many pounds were sprayed by what vineyard.  

  • Click on "Pounds of Chemicals per Year".  We can see that within Graton, "Glyphosate" (aka Roundup and Buccaneer) are the 2nd highest pesticide applied in terms of active ingredients.     

  • Click on "Permittee Spray" to see when and how much each grower sprays. 

What we are doing

Organizing a community campaign to work with our local vineyards + farms.  

Driving Consumer demand: 

Buy Organic or BioDynamic Wine

Gathering community data through toxicology test, symptom reports, soil, well water and drift catchers (air). 

Sign up to learn more and join our campaign. 

How you can help

If you see, smell, or feel the effects of a pesticide plume call the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner (707-565-2371), Sheriff (707-565-2121), and County Health Department (707-565-4700) immediately. 

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